The Fixx: Hollywood’s Newest It Girl Is a Feminist From Afghanistan

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Hollywood’s Newest It Girl Is a Feminist From Afghanistan

Meet Zari, Sesame Street’s newest cast member who is a woman. And a feminist. And from Afghanistan. (Take a moment, please).

Zari is the new kid on the block appearing on the Afghan version of Sesame Street. She’s passionate about mental and physical health, and wouldn’t be caught dead without her signature look--colorful clothing. Zari’s existence is indeed amazing for so many reasons but especially for Afghan women who are under government limits for what they can wear and do.

As Fast Company so accurately points out, “Here's to hoping we'll be able to stream it in the U.S., as there are quite a few Americans who could use, ahem, some Middle Eastern culture lessons.”  


C-Section Rates in the US are Double the Recommendation

There’s no doubt that C-sections can save lives and are absolutely necessary in some cases. That said, “the World Health Organization recommends national C-section rates of roughly 15 percent—and the U.S. boasts nearly 33 percent.”

So what’s happening? A South Miami hospital reports that women are choosing C-sections (a hospital that boasts a 53% C-section rate) while other doctors openly admit that  “the specter of a career-ending lawsuit hangs over most medical decisions. There’s reason to believe many hospitals have such high rates of C-sections because they fear malpractice lawyers will target them for not intervening sooner rather than later.”

As Vocativ adds, “The C-section problem cannot fix itself. Reducing our country’s cesarian rate means reeducating a generation of Ob/Gyns who were taught to cut into uterine tissue at the first sign of labor. That’s going to take time.”

Refinery29 Proves Periods Are Hot (in case you didn’t already know)

Our favorite online destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life, has officially hailed periods permanently newsworthy by launching Rag Week, a publication to talk menstruation.

Refinery29 explains that the conversations being had around menstruation are changing. “Or maybe that’s not quite right... maybe it’s that the conversation is finally starting. That’s why Refinery29 UK is running Rag Week, during which we hope to tell fascinating, funny and educational stories about women’s different experiences of menstruating around the globe.”

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  • It may be a choice but we would need more statistics to actually have the answer.
    Many premature babies are being saved today, many more than ever and that would raise the c-section rates because many small babies cannot survive a vaginal birth. We are also saving more babies that have been diagnosed with a condition or birth defects and have to be delivered by c-section also. Not to mention issues with mom. I myself have a septum down my uterus and it does not contract so i cannot have a vaginal birth. Technology has made diagnosing these issues easier too.So let’s not jump to conclusions without facts to back it up. Also if a woman chooses a c-section and is willing to pay for it then who are we to judge? It’s her body after all.