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A simple guide for how to talk to anyone about FLEX.

  1. Your Coworker. For decades we’ve been told not to discuss our personal lives with our professional connections. But what do you do when you know the free bathroom tamps are doing a disservice to your entire customer service department? You’ve gotta just dive in.

    Try kicking off the conversation during your next team lunch by asking what their go to products are, and when it’s your turn, bring up your love of FLEX. Talk about the benefit of 12 hour wear and how they’ll never have to shove their tampon up their sleeve walking past the IT department again -- because they won’t ever have to change their FLEX at work!

  2. Your Health Obsessed Neighbor/Spin Instructor/Whatever Hit ‘em with the facts, they love that.
    1. FLEX is the only internally worn product not linked to TSS
    2. It’s hypoallergenic and free of BPA, phthalates and natural rubber latex
    3. It doesn’t affect your vaginal pH which can lead to infections
    4. Bonus: FLEX is vegan!

  3. Your Bestie. Just break it down. Get real deep into your favorite benefits like the mess-free period sex, the fact that you can (still) sleep naked during your period, the ability to twerk on all 52 Friday nights without worry, or better yet just bring up the fact that you no longer have to pull your string to the side when you pee. And bring wine, everything is better with wine.
  4. Your Bestie Who You Just Met at the Bar. Drop some knowledge about the history of tampons. Something along the lines of, “Look, I like vintage as much as the next guy, but vintage for my vagina? No thank you…”

    Most people are shocked to find out that tampons were invented by a man in the 1930’s and the menstrual cup was invented only a few years later. And there has been no innovation in periods. EVER. SINCE! Meanwhile we’re putting men on the moon and robots are replacing our jobs. You’ll bond over your love for advancing women’s health.

  5. Your Friend Who Is Starting a New Chapter. The new relationship: When you’re done feeling out whether or not that person has the right intentions, let them in on your secret for mess-free period sex.

    The newlywed: We’re pretty progressive over here and realize that your wedding may not actually be the biggest day of your life, but regardless, we want to help make it more enjoyable. 12 hour wear, mess-free period sex, and less leaks are big for brides (and TBH, bridesmaids). You don’t want to have to worry about changing your tampon during your reception, or leaking on that $5k dress.

    The newly bred: Your body changes a lot after having a baby and what was once okay is now completely intolerable. Comfort postpartum is a must which is why FLEX is so great for new moms. Talk about how FLEX sits in a completely different place in the body, is great for heavy or light, doesn’t leave you with that scratchy feeling during insertion and lets you focus on being a parent instead of changing your tamp every 4 hours.