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Four Predictions for the 2016 Menstruation Movement

Four Predictions for the 2016 Menstruation Movement

 Last year brought about significant awareness that helped women’s health progress in America, and I have four bold predictions for the menstruation movement in the year ahead.

Prediction #1: Men Will Champion the Menstruation Movement

In years past, few men would be caught talking about menstruation, save for a handful of comedians. 2016 is the year more men will take an active role in supporting the menstruation movement, whether in public policy, innovation or education.

This year men will begin to publicly champion advancements in menstrual health as a form of modern feminism.

And guys, you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t appreciate partner who is body-positive and supportive — especially during her period.

Louis CK period standup

Prediction #2: We’ll Become Fatigued by Social Media Click-Bait

I love that 2015 was the first year that I’ve seen feminine health in headlines across every major media publication. But I anticipate that editors will seek the next hot social trend, which will lead to a slight downtick in the number of articles about menstruation.

But periods are never going away.

2016 will be the year we separate those who are writing for the click-bait headlines from the journalists who take a more thoughtful approach to covering reproductive health education, advocacy, and policy for women.
uterus cartoon


Prediction #3: Women’s Health Will Become Synonymous with Public Health

As feminine health coverage evolves from period memes to more substantive issues, leaders who have long-championed women’s health will gain more prominence and public support on both state and local levels.

Leaders like Julissa Ferreras and Carolyn Maloney will continue to enact positive change for women’s health.

The luxury tax on feminine hygiene products will be abolished in at least two states (let’s go, California!).

The movement we’ll see in public policy will have a positive ripple effect and create conversations and change — from legislative chambers to our classrooms, boardrooms and bedrooms.

 Congresswoman Maloney

Prediction #4: New Innovation & Technology Will Emerge

As much of the 2015 news coverage attested, women everywhere are starving for innovative period products.

But let’s be honest: all we’re getting are white-labeled organic tampons from the same tired tampon factory. Equally frustrating, we continue to see a barrage of advertising and marketing campaigns that tout packages and applicators that help us hide our period (as if we should be ashamed of our own fertility).

Even menstrual cups have been around for nearly 100 years. Let’s partner together to create something better.

Positive changes in awareness, education and policy will drive investments in science and technology for the feminine hygiene category in 2016.

It’s no secret that my team is working hard to launch a new feminine hygiene product this spring, but I desperately want to see more innovation, advocacy, and investment across our entire category, and I look forward to celebrating advancements that we will make together for women’s health, policy and education.

Interested in getting involved? Sign this petition by to end the tampon tax in America, or join The Flex Company email list for more news on the menstruation movement and our launch.

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