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The Fixx: Coldplay Opens for Beyoncé

The Fixx: Coldplay Opens for Beyoncé

The Fixx is a weekly editorial roundup for humanists. It includes our favorite articles, happenings and cat memes

Beyoncé Had Coldplay & Some Football Game Open for Her Concert  

This weekend people across America celebrated The Queen by holding Super Beyowl parties. This was totally awkward for Coldplay (or was it Maroon 5?) and a couple of football teams that apparently showed up to play some sort of playoff game.

We were completely transfixed by Beyonce’s ability to galvanize Americans around a powerful message that’s being hailed as a “call of arms for black women and activists,” and “a rebuke to the so-called politics of responsibility.”

Are we really surprised though? I mean, we already knew that Queen Bey runs the world. Here’s why her performance and new song “Formation” are so important for women and the black community.


Hilary Clinton

So… Apparently There’s a “Special Place in Hell” for Women Not Voting for The Hillz

Are you feeling the Bern? And you’re a woman? Madeleine Albright has a special message for you: vote for The Hillz (or burn in hell). And Gloria Steinem thinks you’re only backing Sanders in hopes that you’ll “meet boys.”

With a near-tie in last week’s Iowa caucus, and the nation’s first primary tomorrow in New Hampshire, the media has been rife with feminist rhetoric on both sides of the Clinton/Sanders debate. Albright came out swinging at a Hillary rally on Saturday, talking about the broader fight for women’s equality. Steinem later told Bill Maher that young women are looking for boys, and that the boys are with Bernie. We idolize Albright and Steinem for so many reasons, but we can’t agree with this approach.

Voting preferences aside, we’ll admit that our favorite article on either side of the debate was this week’s ALL CAPS EXPLOSION of feelings about the liberal backlash against Hillary.


tampon luxury tax


The Death Toll Rings for the #TamponTax in California

Today more than 40 states are charging a “luxury tax” for tampons and pads. Apparently lawmakers don’t consider feminine hygiene products to be “necessities.” This so-called tampon tax disproportionately impacts low-income women.

In January, we predicted that policy makers would finally wake up and abolish the tax. And we’re happy to report that California may be among the first! A new bill could save women $20 million annually in California state taxes. Hear what Obama had to say about the #TamponTax and find out which two other states may join the party.


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