The Fixx: Major News For Vagina-Havers


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Major News for Vagina-Havers

Last week, the Cleveland Clinic performed the first uterus transplant in the United States, giving women without a uterus an alternative to surrogacy or adoption.

The procedure is extensive. The patient must undergo in vitro fertilization and removal of her eggs followed by the transplant and anti-rejection drugs. After approximately one year, the uterus is considered stable and the woman can attempt pregnancy. Following her pregnancy, the uterus can either be removed or will naturally disintegrate.

Given the details, medical professionals are debating whether or not this procedure is the best use of their resources. Dr. Michael Green told NPR “‘Nobody needs a uterus to live, OK? Nobody needs a hand or a face to live, in fairness. It's a quality-of-life issue. This is in that same category.”

There are currently 50,000 women in the United States who are considered candidates for the procedure, and they disagree entirely. One woman at the Cleveland Clinic waiting for a screening for the procedure said, “I crave that experience ... I want the morning sickness, the backaches, the feet swelling. I want to feel the baby move. That is something I've wanted for as long as I can remember."

Emma Watson & Gloria Steinem Talk Porn

You know when you’re watching porn and the woman is portrayed in such a beautiful way that you feel equally empowered as you do turned on? …No? Emma Watson and Gloria Steinem are right there with you.

The two got together earlier this year for an interview led by Watson to talk about feminism and the lack thereof in the adult industry. An important point? That pornography needs to be differentiated from erotica. “We should at least have a word for sex that is mutual and pleasurable and not about domination, pain, violence, humiliation and so on,” said Steinem.

This isn’t the first time lady Steinem has been on top of this issue. The 1970’s are often described as the Golden Age of Porn with flicks like Deep Throat premiering in theatres and being described by New York Times critics as “the one porno film in New York chic to see and be seen at.” Feminists including Gloria are livid, and believe that porn amounts to violence against women rather than nurturing erotic fantasies.

It’s been over 50 years since feminists took the conversation public, and we’re still seeing heavily graphic images and videos of women being sodomized and objectified by an industry dominated by men. So why has nothing changed? Emma and Gloria realize that this kind of content “not existing may be far off, but having an alternative” is on the horizon and they’re the driving force behind it (pun intended).

The Real Winner of The Oscars (Hint: It’s Not Leo)

Leo who? While y’all were setting bears on fire and making your (we admit, epic) DiCaprio memes last night, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was the real winner of the Oscars.

Sharmeen is a two-time Academy Award winning activist, er, filmmaker, who took home the Oscar last night for Best Documentary Short Subject Film for A Girl in The River. The film is about a girl, Saba, whose father (legally) shot her in the head and dumped her body in a river after she married a man her family didn’t approve of. Saba miraculously survived and sought justice, telling her poignant story alongside Sharmeen hoping to shed light on the ancient tradition of so-called “honor killings.”

Sharmeen has long fought for women’s social justice in Pakistan through her filmmaking, often risking her life to tell the stories that so desperately need to be made public, and we’re so happy that her dedication is finally paying off. During a screening of the documentary with the Prime Minister of Pakistan earlier this year he said, “There is no honor in honor killings” and has vowed to eradicate the practice.