Girl Called “Fat Whale,” Raises Money to Save Whales


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Girl Called “Fat Whale,” Raises Money to Save Whales

#BOOM. As cruel as some teenagers can be, so too can others be inspiring. Sixteen-year-old Dannie McMillan of Lampasas, TX was called a fat whale. Publicly. On Twitter. By her classmates. Dannie was hurt, and she cried. But this isn’t a typical case of bullying and it doesn’t have a typical ending.

Our heroine Dannie, a junior at Lampasas High School, refused to be the victim of neanderthalic bullying. Instead she’s using her experience to make a (cheeky) difference by creating a t-shirt that reads “Dee the Whale Saves The Whales” and has created a GoFundMe page to raise money. After the local news story hit the front page of Reddit, her campaign quickly increased from $500 to over $2,500.

Go support Dannie’s GoFundMe page here. And read the full story here.

Why We're Not So Hot on New Period Work Policy

Wouldn’t it be great to get paid time off during your period cramps? The female CEO of a UK company thought so. At first we thought this was reason to cheer, but something about the rationale feels a little off to us.

While we believe that workplaces need to be more female-friendly, institutionalizing a policy such as this could lead to negative unintended consequences towards the very group a policy is trying to protect. Paternalism and resentment, for example. Get a load of what the CEO cited as a reason for her policies:

"When women are having their periods they are in a winter state, when they need to regroup, keep warm and nourish their bodies," she said. "When a woman is in her 'spring' phase immediately after a period she can do the work of three women."

Maybe it’s a British thing, but we didn’t realize that women had a ‘winter’ and a ‘spring’ state. Or that we can do the work of three women post-period. Might as well have said three oxen. For more on why this period-policy is terrible, read this.

Brace Yourself Winter is Coming

Each Time This Biologist is Harassed, She Creates a Wikipedia Post About a New Female Scientist

Why do women prematurely leave the STEM fields? There’s growing and more vocal evidence that just like in other sectors of our economy and society, academia is also a place where women are systematically sexually harassed.

Emily Temple-Wood, a biology undergrad student at Loyola University, decided to use her own experiences as some unorthodox motivation:  

Temple-Wood decided that for every harassing email she receives — ones that include date requests, talk of her body, and inappropriate sexual implications — she'll write a Wikipedia entry for a woman scientist.

"She’s created hundreds of articles about women scientists, including articles that address multiple gaps in Wikipedia — it’s really important that she’s not just writing about white women scientists, she’s also working to address underrepresentation of women of color in Wikipedia and looking at other points of intersectionality as well," a Wikimedia staff member said.

Temple-Wood has been adding new entries to the WikiProject Women Scientists since 2012 and has taught others how to do so as well.

Bravo, Emily. That’s what we call turning lemons into lemonade. Read her story here.




“Dadchelor” Parties Sound Way More Fun Than Baby Showers

In 2015, Pinterest posts for men-only baby shower ideas increased 150%. During that same time, co-ed baby shower posts also increased over 250%. Is the traditional baby shower going the way of the dodo?

Not exactly. That baby shower you’re not totally stoked to attend this Sunday afternoon is still going to happen. But we’re glad to see that the celebration of life is being celebrated by the soon-to-be-Dads (and their buds) in our lives.

And while we can't say we'd necessarily prefer spending our weekend afternoon chowing down on beers and brats, perhaps we can all have a little more fun by making these special occasions non-traditional affairs. Get some inspiration here.

Huggies & Chuggies Baby Shower