Flex Self-Care Challenge #3: Butts - A Guide to Taking Care of Your Backside

Flex Self-Care Challenge #3: Butts - A Guide to Taking Care of Your Backside

Flex Self-Care Challenge #3: Butts - A Guide to Taking Care of Your Backside

A set of Flex-approved challenges to help you build self-care into your everyday life (because you deserve it).

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ass is everywhere lately. Ass, ass, ass (it’s totally stuck in your head now, right?). 

Picture Cardi B. You’re thinking about that ass, aren’t you? And who could blame you! Butts have been big business since the first bustle came on the scene way back in the 1870s, and in 2020, an extraordinary backside has the potential to make you famous. They even have their own hole-y annual event.

Aaaand on that note, welcome back to the Flex Self-Care Challenge, where we invite you to take a breather and give yourself some much needed TLC (tender tushy, love and care). Today, we’re talking back sides and all the treatments, exercises, potions, and processes you can undertake throughout the week – in your own home – to help you get the best butt of your life. 


Day 1: Stretch That Booty

Let’s get that butt loosened up with some super specific yoga. Stretches to ease the aches and pains associated with sitting for too long and too often are plentiful, low impact, and feel absolutely amazing. If you can find five minutes in your day to limber up your glutes, take it. We love this 30-minute butt and core flow from Yoga with Adriene – but if you’re short on time, run through this quick 10-minute routine with Celest Pereira (both free to watch on YouTube). Tip: Do these on your period, too, for a little extra cramp relief

Day 2: Get to Work 

You may never have the perfect, juicy glutes of Beyonce (I myself suffer from a touch of the long back), but you can work on making your butt firmer and rounder with exercises meant to strengthen the muscles in the glutes. Squats are an old favorite, as are lunges (try throwing it in reverse). And you can do an intense, truly ass-kicking workout in all of 15 minutes from your bedroom floor. Level up with a set of booty bands to give moves like hip raises even more of a payoff. If Cardi is your booty muse, you can even work it with her

Day 3: Keep It Clean

When you exercise your glutes, they’re going to get sweaty – no way around it. Sweat sometimes clogs pores, and clogged pores can turn into pimples. Speaking from experience: Breakouts on your butt are no picnic. Thankfully, most butt acne can be banished with the right lineup of cleansers or body wash. Look for products containing salicylic acid and lather up your cheeks at least once or twice a week, or whenever you feel a pimple coming. Neutrogena's body clearing wash is my go-to.

Oh, and don’t neglect the hole: TP doesn’t always do the job, so I like using wipes to refresh the inner crack area a couple times a day. Be gentle, wipe towards the back, and make sure to get a brand that’s vagina-safe because, proximity. Or get a bidet, because they’re amazing for your b-hole and your period. 

Day 4: Smooth It Out

Your butt deserves its own scrub, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Exfoliate first (Anese makes a walnut scrub that works so well, you’ll want to feel yourself up all day), then grab your favorite lotion or body butter. Something about rubbing a buttery moisturizer all over your cheeks after a nice, hot shower just feels right. I love a splurge on the most unbelievably delicious-smelling and skin-tightening Brazilian butt cream (IYKYK) but I definitely wouldn’t turn down a bottle of Jergens for this backside, and neither should you.

Day 5: Hair Care

Deciding whether or not to get rid of the hair on (and in) your ass crack is a deeply personal choice that you’ll have to make for yourself. If you do make the decision to plunge into the exciting world of derriere hair removal, always remember to work on a clean palette (revisit Day 3), keep your anus protected, and NEVER use a razor to shave the inside of your butt crack. Wax is the way to go – just trust me on this.

Day 6: Dress It Up

Your wardrobe should show off your best assets. Like your ass (duh). If you’re feeling a little down on your closet, treat yourself to some new butt-highlighting threads. Tuck a bodysuit into some high-waisted denim, try a backless jumpsuit with a leg-skimming cut, or add to your athleisure collection with a new pair of butt-lifting leggings. Then set a date for some socially-distanced socialization and strut that gorgeous backside (or stay home and take a hundred mirror selfies until you find that perfect angle). 

Day 7: Show It Off

Just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sexy time with your booty on center stage. You’ve already gone to the effort of toning, scrubbing, smoothing, and perfecting that ass: Now it’s time to put the cherry on top of your peach by slipping into the best pair of underwear you own. I recommend a soft thong or a pair of high-waisted cheeky panties to really show off the fruits of your labor. Call your partner, put on a Rihanna playlist, and dim the lights (or skip that first part and go solo). Either way, take a minute to appreciate your hard work and give your butt some love. 

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Writer: Rachel Kane is a Blewish (half black/half Jewish) writer living in L.A. with her dog, cat and husband. Her favorite film is Showgirls and her favorite word is “yes.” Follow Rachel @WTForever21

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