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Tips & Tricks for Using FLEX During Sex

Using FLEX during sex can seem a bit scary (like, how does everything fit?!) but it’s so comfortable you won’t even notice it’s there (and your partner won’t feel much, if at all).

  1. Try missionary or doggy style: The best position for your partner to avoid feeling FLEX during sex is either missionary or doggy style. Once you get in the groove of things you can mix it up.
  2. Don’t try FLEX during sex on the 11th hour: When you’re trying FLEX for sex for the first time, try it immediately upon insertion rather than leaving it in for 11 hours and then having sex. It will have less menses in the catch so you can get comfortable without worrying about leaks.
  3. If it’s hard to remove after sex, don’t panic: FLEX can be more difficult to remove after sex for some women for a couple reasons:
    1. Your vagina can actually double in length when you’re aroused.
    2. Rigorous internal movement can shift FLEX a bit but it’s nothing to worry about.
    3. If you find that you’re having a hard time reaching FLEX after sex simply push with your pelvic muscles (like you would when you’re going to the bathroom) and FLEX will immediately move into the vaginal canal making it super easy (and likely less messy).
  4. Don’t be afraid to rearrange: It’s rare but if you’re switching positions and feel FLEX come loose, don’t be afraid to just tuck it back up behind the pubic bone. It’s quick to do and won’t ruin the moment.
  5. It can be worn with any birth control: FLEX is not a contraceptive and should be worn in conjunction with your preferred method of birth control.
  6. If your partner can feel it, switch it up: If your partner says they can feel it, know that it likely feels exactly like a NuvaRing does - no pain, just a hint that something’s there. Try changing positions and keep the communication flowing so it’s good for both of you.
  7. Warning: you may have stronger orgasms: some women (us included) actually have stronger orgasms while wearing FLEX because it gently rubs on the cervix during intercourse for additional stimulation. You’re welcome.

Want more tips and advice on how to use FLEX? Watch our founders answer your most asked questions.

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Jun 28, 2017 • Posted by Brittany Trumbo

I had a question about IUDs? I have one, and I know its wise to not use a cup when you have one in. What about using flex?

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