Why I Decided to Become a Magazine Publisher

“Never question who you are. Encourage yourself. A lot of times people look for justification from outside sources to reassure them of who they are. I think once you build that confidence within and you know who you are then you don’t need to look for reassurance.”
— Akira Armstrong, founder of The Pretty Big Movement, as interviewed in The Fixx magazine

When The Flex Company was founded in 2015, we already knew that we wanted to create a world where every woman loves her body.
Our mission is to create body-positive and life-changing experiences through the products that we make and the conversations that we have.
Note that product is only half of the mission.
Physiological needs are at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy for a reason. And so often women’s physiological needs are put last. This is evidenced by the lack of education we have about our bodies, the woeful lack of innovation in our products, and the utter disregard for conversation about basic physical functions for women like breastfeeding, menstruating, or masturbating.
If more women felt more comfortable in their own skin, we would free up time, energy and mind space to focus on things that fulfill us.
Shipping our product last fall was the start of fulfilling on the product half of our mission. The Fixx is a continuation of the conversation portion of our mission.
Our inaugural issue will go to 10,000 customers this month, and we will continue producing it quarterly.
The Fixx is not focused on menstruation or our products.
The Fixx tells stories of the human spirit, and it represents our collective intellect, wit, creativity and resilience.
Photograph by Aviva Klein for The Fixx

“Look at yourself in the mirror every day, and if you need to tell yourself a daily affirmation then that’s what you need to do. Say ‘I am enough.’ Look yourself in the mirror and say that — ‘I am enough’ — every day until you start to believe it.”
— Akira Armstrong, founder of The Pretty Big Movement

Why We are Making a Print Magazine When Everyone Else is Publishing Online
My love for magazines started when I was six years old. My mom surprised me with a subscription to Highlights magazine, whose mission is to “make children their best selves.” I adored the element of surprise — that each issue was different and had something special, just for me. I read Highlightscover to cover, relishing the feeling of the paper in my hands and the way it smelled.

When I turned fourteen, my mom surprised me with Teen Vogue, which admittedly is still one of my favorite publications. I remember how Teen Vogue made me feel very smart and grown up, and how I would tear out stories to share with my friends. At sleepovers, I’d read Tiger Beat andSeventeen, which somehow always left me feeling a little insecure… like I needed to diet, have clearer skin, buy more clothes and wear more makeup (not vastly different from the feelings that arise when I read many mainstream magazines today).

The first issue of The Fixx is themed “I Am Enough.” In its pages we share stories of bold people moving intentionally through life — people who turn adversity into advantage. These people have a shared belief: that they already have everything they need inside of them to be their best selves. We are incredibly proud of the bespoke content in our magazine — we even featured a customer on our cover.

When I was a little girl, I never imagined that I would one day publish a magazine. It took me many years to truly believe that I am enough, but now I love that I am able to share that message on a medium that has always resonated with me. The people in our first issue have deeply inspired me, and my hope is that you will find inspiration in their stories, too.

The Fixx will begin shipping to FLEX subscribers this week, and will be published quarterly. If you’re not a FLEX subscriber, you can sign up for afree trial, or if you’d prefer to only read our magazine, you can subscribe.
With special thanks to Joanna Riquett and the Hayo Publishing team for their beautiful work producing The Fixx. If you love unique travel experiences, check out their award-winning publication at Hayo.co
-By Lauren Schulte


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