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Can I use Flex products if I have endometriosis?

We have a plethora of customers with endometriosis who swear by Flex products to get through their often painful and heavy periods. 

Menstrual discs, in particular, are a great alternative to tampons for those with severe cramping. This is because they sit in the vaginal fornix—the very back of the vagina, where there are fewer nerve endings—and do not block your vaginal canal. Unlike a tampon, which expands and puts active pressure on your vaginal walls, a disc collects your period and flexes with your body. When placed correctly, you shouldn’t be able to feel your menstrual disc at all. 

Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc can each hold 5+ super tampons-worth of blood (60 mL). Flex Reusable Disc has an even higher capacity, holding 6+ super tampons-worth (70 mL).  

If a menstrual cup is your preference, Flex Cup also offers a higher capacity than tampons depending on the size you choose. Our Size 01 (formerly Slim Fit) holds 22 mL, or as much as 2+ super tampons, and our Size 02 (formerly Full Fit) holds 30 mL, as much as 3+ super tampons.

Flex products are FDA-registered and can be safely worn for up to 12 hours at a time. Need more details? Read Ob/Gyn Dr. Jane van Dis’ explanation as to why Flex Disc is a great solution for endo warriors in this article.

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