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I have endometriosis. Can I use Flex period products?

We have a plethora of customers with endometriosis who swear by Flex products to get through their often painful and heavy periods. Flex menstrual Discs can hold up to 6 teaspoons of period blood or the equivalent of three super tampons! Many people who switch to using Flex find a reduction in their cramps too. In fact, when placed correctly, you shouldn't even be able to feel Flex at all! Flex Cup comes in 2 sizes and both are great options depending on your flow + sizing preference. The Slim Fit cup has a capacity to hold 22 mL. The Full Fit cup has the capacity to hold 30 mL. Everyone’s anatomy is different––you may find that one works out a bit better for you than the other, but the good news is we offer a Discovery Kit that allows you to give both a try, check it out here. We truly want you to have the best period of your life. We are all about having as many choices as possible to find the best period product for you and your body!

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