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What’s the difference between Flex Reusable Disc, the original Flex Disc, and Flex Cup?

Both Flex Disc and Flex Reusable Disc fall into the ‘menstrual disc’ category of period products: Like a cup, they both collect (rather than absorb) your period blood, but they’re worn in a different part of the vaginal canal called the vaginal fornix. ICYMI, the vaginal fornix is your vagina’s ‘rear wall’—it’s the widest part of the vaginal canal, just beneath your cervix. Menstrual discs are held in place by the pubic bone. They have a wider diameter than a standard (bell-shaped) menstrual cup, which is worn lower down in the vaginal canal. 

Whereas the original Flex Disc is a single-use product and cannot be washed and reworn, Flex Reusable Disc is designed to last for years. The Reusable Disc simply needs to be cleaned with a mild soap in between wears and prior to storing. Both Flex Disc and Flex Reusable Disc offer all-day wear, a comfortable fit, and can be worn during sex. Flex Disc is made with medical-grade polymers; Flex Reusable Disc is 100% medical-grade silicone. Both products are FDA registered and manufactured in Canada. 

Flex Cup, on the other hand, falls into the ‘menstrual cup’ category of period products. Like the Reusable Disc, it has a lifespan of 2+ years and is made from medical-grade silicone. Unlike the Reusable Disc, Flex Cup is worn towards the middle or bottom of the vaginal canal and is held in place with suction. Flex Cup features a patented pull-tab that offers easier removal when compared to other menstrual cup brands: The pull-tab allows the cup to be removed like a tampon, eliminating the need to manually break the seal with your fingers. 

Flex Cup is available in two sizes; Flex Disc and Flex Reusable Disc are available in one size designed to fit most vaginas. 

All three products can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and are made with hypoallergenic, body-safe materials that won’t disrupt your vagina’s pH balance or cause dryness. Keep in mind that only Flex Disc and Flex Reusable Disc can be worn during sex; Flex Cup must be removed before sex.

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