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Will Flex Disc work for a heavy period?

The majority of Flex Disc users have heavy flows! We’ve heard from tons of customers with especially heavy periods who swear by Flex Disc, thanks to its higher capacity and 12-hour (read: all day) wear. The disc can hold up to 60 mL of fluid. That’s as much as 5+ super tampons!

Worried about leaks? Don’t stress. When inserted correctly, Flex Disc shouldn’t leak. You can even extend your wear time on your heaviest days by taking advantage of the disc’s hands-free emptying feature: Just bear down gently with your pelvic floor muscles when using the bathroom. This will shift the position of the disc so that it allows a little fluid out into the toilet. When done, simply use a clean finger to tuck your disc back into place behind your pubic bone. 

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