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Will Flex Reusable Disc work for a heavy period?

Yes! Flex Reusable Disc is great for any flow—light, medium, even extra heavy. The Reusable Disc holds the same amount of blood as 6+ super tampons (that’s 70 mL) and can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. The average menstruating human bleeds about 15mL (equivalent to 1.5 super tampons) in 24 hours. 

No matter how heavy your flow, Flex Reusable Disc has you covered. Thanks to hands-free emptying, you can extend your wear time even on your heaviest days. If you feel like your disc is getting full and it’s only been six hours, just let a little fluid out by bearing down with your pelvic floor muscles the next time you use the bathroom. This will allow a little blood out into the toilet. When done, just use a clean finger to tuck the disc back up and behind the pubic bone. 

If you’re trying the Reusable Disc for the first time and you’re concerned about it getting too full, we recommend starting on a lighter day while in the comfort of your own home so you can get a sense of how much it collects during a 12-hour timeframe. 

For additional peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt to wear a liner, pad, or period underwear as backup during your first few times using the disc. Generally speaking, it takes one or two cycles to get the hang of insertion and to master the positioning of the disc in relation to your unique anatomy. 

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