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What's the difference between Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc?

Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc both fall into the ‘menstrual disc’ category of period products: Like a cup, they collect (rather than absorb) your period blood, but they’re worn in a different part of the vagina: the vaginal fornix. ICYMI, the vaginal fornix is your vagina’s ‘rear wall’—it’s the widest part of the vaginal canal, just beneath your cervix. 

Menstrual discs are held in place by the pubic bone. They have a wider diameter than a standard (bell-shaped) menstrual cup, which is worn lower down in the vaginal canal. 

Flex Plant+ Disc and Flex Disc are single-use products and cannot be washed and reworn. Plant+ and Flex Disc are both made with medical-grade polymers—however, Plant+ Disc’s polymer is 40% plant-based and derived from sugarcane. 

All Flex period products (including Flex Disc, Plant+ Disc, Flex Reusable Disc, and Flex Cup) are made with hypoallergenic materials that won’t host toxic bacteria or alter your vaginal pH. They can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and feature a higher capacity than traditional period products, like tampons or pads. 

Flex Plant+ Disc comes in packaging that is 100% compostable. Its plant-based polymers capture CO2 from the atmosphere during production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Bonus: All Flex menstrual discs can be worn during mess-free period sex™ since they don’t block the vaginal canal!

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