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How long can I wear a menstrual disc?

All Flex menstrual discs, including Flex Disc, Flex Plant+ Disc, and Flex Reusable Disc, can be safely worn for a maximum of 12 hours. 

Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc are single-use products and cannot be washed and reworn. After 12 hours, dispose of your Flex Disc or Plant+ Disc and insert a new one. 

Flex Reusable Disc, on the other hand, is meant to be washed and reworn. Make sure to empty and clean your Reusable Disc at least every 12 hours (using warm water and a mild soap or cleanser) before reinserting. 

Menstrual discs, including all Flex products, are regulated by the FDA. They are approved for a maximum of 12 hours of continuous wear. Please use as directed. 

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