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How do I avoid making a mess when removing my menstrual disc?

Worried you'll make a bloody mess of your bathroom floor when removing your menstrual disc? You won't! It just takes a little practice. While you might get a little bit of blood on your hands or finger, as long as you hold your disc level and pull it out slowly, you'll keep that white bathroom rug totally pristine. 

If you’re using a disc for the very first time, we recommend starting out by removing it in the shower. This helps your body relax (yay, warm water!) and takes the mess factor out of the equation. 

To help ensure a less messy removal when you’re not in the shower, use your pelvic floor muscles to empty your disc partially before you remove it. This technique is called hands-free emptying (learn more about it here). Then, simply keep the disc and your body over the toilet once you go to remove it. Any drips will land safely in the toilet. 

For easy cleanup on the go, check out our plant-based, flushable Biodegradable Wipes. They're safe on intimate parts and are especially handy if you need to change your disc in a public bathroom. Don’t forget to grab a pack of our biodegradable Eco Disposal Pouches

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