Flex Cup
The modern period cup that removes like a tampon.

The only cup with a pull-tab that breaks the seal for you, allowing for controlled removal.

keela menstrual cup
keela menstrual cup
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A perfect cup for beginners with big benefits to boot.

Unsure about cups? Start with FLEX.

Characteristic item

Ultimate Comfort

Velvety-soft material you can barely feel.

Characteristic item

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Two sizes for all kinds of vaginas.
Together, we'll find the right fit.

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Less Messy Removal

Our unique pull-tab means you can remove the cup like a tampon.

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100% Reusable

Reduce waste and save money for years to come. Cha-ching!

How to use
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Fold it

Take your cup and fold it in half so that the lips touch together. Then, slowly bend the cup in half again lengthwise.

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Insert it

Stand with one leg up, sit on the toilet, or squat like it's hot. Then slide the cup up and back toward your tailbone. Ta-da! You did it. Check to make sure the cup is in the right place by inserting a finger into your vagina and running it between the cup and your vaginal wall. This will create space for the cup to open fully.

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Wear it for 12 hours

Take swim class, jump from a high dive, present to the board with confidence, go where the wind takes you - whatever. We've got you covered for up to 12 hours.

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Remove and wash it

Our revolutionary pull-tab makes removal a breeze. Give it a gentle pull to release the seal. Pull FLEX Cup free from your vagina with one hand and catch it with the other (holding it upright). Empty the contents into the toilet. Then wash the cup for 20 seconds with soap and warm water.

Flex Cup FAQs

Why choose Flex Cup?

Flex Cup is the most comfortable and easiest to use cup on the market making it the #1 cup for beginners. Not only is it sustainable and safe to wear for up to 12 hours but users can feel confident in removing the cup. Flex Cup's unique pull-tab makes removal easier than other cups and is also mess-free!

Is it ok to wear Flex Cup with an IUD?

There is a small risk of any internally worn menstrual product getting caught on your IUD - including tampons, menstrual discs, and cups. If you use an IUD, you should be informed about your particular IUDs benefits and risks and consult with your physician.

I have a heavy flow. Will Flex Cup work for me?

Flex Cup is a great option for users with heavy flows. The Slim Fit holds the equivalent of 2 super tampons, while the Full Fit holds the same 3 super tampons’ worth of period blood. The cup's unique pull-tab also makes it easy to remove, empty, and reinsert on the heaviest of days. The majority of our customers have heavy flows - including those with endometriosis and PCOS who swear by Flex Cup!

How does a menstrual cup work?

A menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal to collect menses, rather than absorbing it. It’s reusable, so one cup replaces your current products for the heaviest to the lightest days of your flow. Since it doesn’t absorb fluid, it leaves your natural lubrication in place, making it much more comfortable to wear. It can be worn for up to 12 hours, is hypoallergenic and does not affect the natural pH of your vagina. The cup is folded to insert, and it opens up inside of you. It creates a seal with the vaginal walls to prevent leaks.