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Flex Disc sits somewhere different

Period freedom is here

Unlike other period products that sit in the vaginal canal, Flex Disc sits in the vaginal fornix. Plus, Flex Disc collects fluid rather than absorbing it like a tampon.

Up to 12-hour wear during sleep, exercise, swimming, and more

Have period sex without the mess: Flex Disc leaves your vaginal canal free from obstruction

Reduces cramps in up to 60% of users because it doesn't apply pressure to the vaginal wall

Not linked to TSS and made from 100% medical-grade polymers

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“Flex was designed to solve many of the problems caused by traditional menstrual products. It doesn't change the vaginal flora reducing the risk of infections and has not been linked to toxic shock syndrome."

Dr. Jane Van Dis, MD

Certified OB/GYN


A helpful guide to Flex Disc insertion, wear & removal.

How it works step PINCH


Flex Disc may look big but it’s actually smaller than a tampon when inserted. Start by washing your hands and pinch it in half.

How it works step INSERT


Use a clean finger to push the disc back and down toward the cervix, then tuck it up and behind the pubic bone.

How it works step WEAR


Once the disc is in place, you should be comfortable and unable to feel it. You can wear it safely for up to 12 hours.

How it works step REMOVE


To remove, hook a clean finger under the rim of the disc and pull straight out. Keep it parallel to the floor to avoid spillage.

How it works step DISPOSE


Pour the liquid into the toilet, and wrap the disc in toilet paper (or a Flex Eco Disposal Pouch) before tossing it in the trash.

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Flex Disc FAQs

How do I insert Flex Disc?

First, wash your hands. Find a position to insert your disc: Some sit over the toilet, some stand with a leg elevated, some insert in a full squat. Play around until you find a position that works best for you!

Pinch the disc in half and begin inserting it into the vaginal canal, making sure you are pushing the edge that goes in first down and back towards your tailbone so that it sits at an angle and fully covers the cervix. Down and back is key! Then, tuck the front rim above and behind your pubic bone. Make sure it's pushed past the pubic bone as far as it can go.

You shouldn't be able to feel the disc. If you can still feel the disc internally, meaning with your vagina, just take it out and try it again. When you’re first starting out, know that it’s normal for it to take a few tries before you’ve mastered insertion! Learn more here.

Does Flex Disc really work during sex?

Yep! Because Flex Disc sits the vaginal fornix, it leaves the vaginal canal unobstructed—which means sex is on the table all month long. As long as the disc is inserted properly, neither you nor your partner should be able to feel it. However, if your partner (or toy!) is particularly large, there may be some contact with the disc. This shouldn't cause any discomfort and the disc should stay in place.

Will it leak while going to the bathroom?

Seeing a little blood in the toilet or on your TP when wearing a menstrual disc is a-okay. What’s happening is that your disc is sliding down a little bit in your vaginal canal when you engage your pelvic floor to pee or poop. Your disc’s front edge may have made its way just beyond your pubic bone—and this lets a little fluid out.

Believe it or not, this is a feature we really love about using a menstrual disc! The technique is called hands-free emptying, and it will help you maximize your wear time to the full 12 hours (even on your heaviest days) without needing to remove or change your disc. Read more about it here and on the blog