FLEX Disc is a disposable, single-use menstrual product that can be worn safely for up to 12 hours.

It collects blood right at the base of the cervix in an area called the vaginal fornix, which leaves the vaginal canal free from obstruction.

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For insertion:

  1. Wash your hands. Always wash your hands before insertion and removal.
  2. Find a position to insert your disc. Some sit over the toilet, some stand with a leg elevated, some insert in a full squat. Play around until you find a position that works best for you!
  3. Pinch the disc in half and begin inserting it into the vaginal canal, making sure you are pushing the edge that goes in first down toward the floor so that it sits at an angle and fully covers the cervix. Down and back is key!
  4. Tuck the rim above your pubic bone. Make sure it's pushed past the pubic bone as far as it can go.
  5. You shouldn't be able to feel the disc. If you're uncomfortable, just take it out and try it again (practice makes perfect).

Check out our FLEX Ed video for more details

For removal:

  1. Relax. Making sure your muscles aren't tense will help with removing FLEX Disc swiftly and comfortably. So take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You got this!
  2. Sit over the toilet and bear down on your pelvic floor. The sensation will sort of be like that of pooping (don't worry - you won't actually poop). This will help pop the disc out from behind the pubic bone making it easier for you to reach.
  3. With a clean finger, hook the disc from under black rim in "come here" motion (or "come hither" if that's more your style) and pull - be sure to keep FLEX horizontal to the floor to prevent any spillage.
  4. Empty the contents of the disc into the toilet and place the used disc in the wrapper and dispose.

Check out our FLEX Ed video for more details

Yes! FLEX Disc is safe to wear while swimming - in pools, oceans, rivers, hot tubs - wherever, whenever!

FLEX Disc can be safely worn for a maximum of 12 hours. After that, FLEX Disc should be removed and disposed of. If your flow is especially heavy, you may find that you need to replace your disc more often. Please reach out to your Flexperts for tips and tricks to achieve the max 12-hour wear.

For your first time using FLEX Disc, we recommend trying it on a lighter flow day to get used to the fit and amount of period blood it can hold.

The majority of our users have heavy flows. We've heard from tons of users with endometriosis and PCOS who swear by FLEX disc. The discs can hold up to 6 teaspoons of fluid (or the equivalent of three super tampons). The average menstruating human bleeds about 3 teaspoons in 24 hours.

We have plenty of tips and tricks to ensure it doesn’t leak no matter how heavy your flow is. We have a hands-free emptying article to show you how to get the most out of each disc.

If you’re trying your disc for the first time and are concerned about it getting too full, we recommend trying it out on a lighter day while in the comfort of your own home so you can get a sense of how much is in it after 12 hours. From there, you can adjust how frequently you need to change it based on your own flow. We also suggest wearing a pad or liner during your first cycle with FLEX should you have any issues with insertion.

We get it - it doesn't make sense. How can you wear this disc and have sex at the same time?!

Here's some information that might help...

The vagina expands and elongates during arousal and intercourse. This allows FLEX Disc to be worn during sexual activities without it getting in the way or coming out.

That is all to say that FLEX Disc should be comfortable for both you and your partner during sex- from oral to penetrative sex. There is a chance that one of you may feel the rim but there should not be any extreme discomfort. How much you or your partner can feel FLEX disc can depend on your position and you and your partner's unique anatomies.

Warning: you may have stronger orgasms: some users (us included) actually have stronger orgasms while wearing FLEX Disc because it gently rubs on the cervix during intercourse for additional stimulation.

You're welcome!

Nearly everyone who tries FLEX Disc is nervous at first. That is totally normal. Just know that you're not alone! We're here to help you through whatever method you're most comfortable with.

Want to talk to a person?

We're a team of real people who also get periods and know exactly what it's like to be nervous to try a new period product. That is to say, we've been in your shoes. No question is stupid and nothing is TMI.

You can reach our Flexperts and have a 1-on-1 conversation with them by reaching out in the following ways:

By call or text: (800) 931 0882

By email: hello@flexfits.com

You can also chat with us during regular business hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm PST Monday - Friday

Want to do some research on your own first? Check out our Help Center More of a visual learner?

Want to talk to other FLEX users?

We hope you’ll check out our private Facebook group, The Uterati. There, you’ll find an amazing community of FLEX users who are happy to share even more tips and tricks!


FLEX Cup is a reusable period collection device known as a menstrual cup. FLEX Cup sits inside your vaginal canal similarly to a tampon. It collects, rather than absorbing your menstrual fluid, which keeps your vagina's pH balance and natural lubrication in tip-top shape.

It’s also made of 100% medical-grade silicone making it super comfortable to wear.

We know you've probably been searching the internet for days to find the perfect menstrual cup and you're probably thinking what's the difference? They're all the same right? Maybe if you're talking about all those generic cups out there, but not FLEX Cup. That's right, this ain't a basic Pumpkin Spice latte, this is a warm dirty chai made by the cute barista at your local coffee shop, this is the holy grail.

I know, we're talking a big talk so let's get into the good stuff. FLEX Cup can be safely worn for 12hrs. It's reusable and hypoallergenic, but what makes it truly stand out is its super-soft stem that extends to gently break the suction and seal for you. Say goodbye to the awkward tugging you'd have to do to break the suction with other cups and hello to the most comfortable period of your life!

The key differences are that FLEX Disc sits above the vaginal canal in the widest part of the vagina, called the vaginal fornix and FLEX Cup sits in the vaginal canal.

Both the FLEX Disc and FLEX Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours. They are made of medical-grade materials and are hypoallergenic and FDA registered. Because they collect, rather than absorb your period blood, neither product will disrupt your body’s natural pH or cause dryness.

The disc can be worn during penetrative sexual intercourse, but the cup must be removed before sexual intercourse. FLEX Disc is a disposable menstrual product, but with the cup, after emptying the contents, you clean it with soap and water and reinsert as directed.

Have any other questions? We've got answers! Reach out to us at hello@flexfits.com. we're happy to help!

Caring for your cup ensures that your cup is properly sanitized for the sake of its longevity and your vaginal health.

During your period, start with clean hands and wash your cup with the warmest water you can stand + oil and fragrance-free soap. Pro-tip: to clean the inside of your cup, fill it with that same soapy blend and place a palm over the opening. Swish that around for a minute or two making sure that water runs through the air holes located on the top of your cup.

Before and after your period, boil your cup for 10 mins in a large pot, stirring from time to time. Make sure that it does not come in contact with the sides, or bottom of the pot as that could melt the silicone.

The key is to find a fold and insertion method that works best for you. Using a menstrual cup should be easy but we know it can be tricky the first time around.

Here’s a quick how-to insert your FLEX Cup:

  1. First and always, wash your hands!
  2. Next, fold your cup. (Our favorites are above)
  3. Once you find a fold , insert your cup into the vaginal canal as high or low as you'd like.
  4. Run your finger between the cup and your vaginal wall to make it open.
  5. You’re all set! Some users will do some squats or shimmy to make sure the cup is in place.

Check out our FLEX Ed video for more details

FLEX Cup’s unique pull-tab assists with removal making it easier

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands.
  2. Next, we recommend sitting over a toilet for this. If this is your first time, you can also opt to remove your cup in the shower.
  3. Then slowly pull on the ReleaseRing™ to break the suction.
  4. Once the cup is within reach, remove the cup the rest of the way.
  5. Finally, empty your cup into the sink or toilet and wash it with oil and fragrance-free soap before re-inserting. Now go forth and live your best life!

Check out our FLEX Ed video for more details

Here's a break down of the dimensions for each cup:

Choosing the right cup size can be a little tricky, but don't worry, we've got you covered! For most people, either size will work it really comes down to choosing the best fit for your comfort and capacity needs; if you're a first-time cup user or have a light to medium flow we recommend the Slim Fit. The Slim should work out for heavy flows as well, you just may find that you have to empty it and reinsert a bit before the 12hr mark. If you have a flow that is on the heavier side or have had multiple vaginal births, try the Full Fit out!

With proper care, FLEX Cup can last for years. Most long term cup users intentionally choose to replace theirs after a set amount of time, for example each year or every 3 years.

If your cup is showing any signs of deterioration such as powder or film on the cup, severe discoloration, persistent odor, etc - it is time to replace.

Because FLEX Cup sits in the vaginal canal, it cannot be worn during penetrative sex. That said, feel free to explore other forms of non-penetrative sex while wearing your cup. ;)

Yes! FLEX Cup is safe to wear while swimming - in pools, oceans, rivers, hot tubs - wherever, whenever!

FLEX Cup is a great option for users with heavy flows. The Slim Fit holds the equivalent of 2 super tampons, while the Full Fit holds the same 3 super tampons’ worth of period blood. The cup's unique pull-tab also makes it easy to remove, empty, and reinsert on the heaviest of days.

The majority of our customers have heavy flows - including those with endometriosis and PCOS who swear by FLEX Cup!

Health & Lifestyle

Anyone who menstruates can use our products. However, they may not be the best for teens who are on the smaller side for their age group. We also recommend our products to those who are comfortable with their bodies since they are internally worn.

Consult your doctor if you are wearing an intrauterine device (IUD). While uncommon, there is a risk of dislodging, displacing or removing the IUD by pulling on the IUD string while removing your FLEX™ cup. If you are at all concerned about possibly dislodging your IUD while removing FLEX, you can make an appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner and ask them to trim your IUD strings so that they are flush with your cervix. This won't impact the functioning of your IUD or its removal when you are ready to remove it, but it will decrease likelihood of accidental removal. ObGyns and NPs do this frequently for other reasons, e.g. if a partner says that they can "feel" the strings.

FLEX™ products were designed for everyone who menstruates - that includes high, low, and tilted cervixes. While FLEX products will work for most bodies, each body is unique and it's important that you choose the product that works best for you! Our FLEX Disc comes in one size and fits most bodies, but the FLEX Cup comes in two sizes.

FLEX™ products are hypoallergenic, made without natural rubber latex, BPA or phthalates and safe when used as directed.

FLEX™ products collect fluid instead of absorbing it like tampons or pads and can hold as much as three super tampons. FLEX™ Disc and Cup are doctor recommended and have not been linked to TSS. Always wash your hands prior to insertion and removal of FLEX, given bacteria from your fingers can make their way into your vagina. In addition, remove and dispose of the single use FLEX Disc after 12 hours and follow our instructions for cleaning the reusable FLEX Cup (also worn for up to 12 hours). If you have previously been diagnosed with TSS, we do not recommend using any FLEX product in the vagina.

We have a plethora of customers with endometriosis who swear by FLEX products to get through their often painful and heavy periods.

FLEX menstrual Discs can hold up to 6 teaspoons of period blood or the equivalent of three super tampons! Many people who switch to using FLEX find a reduction in their cramps too. In fact, when placed correctly, you shouldn't even be able to feel FLEX at all!

FLEX Cup comes in 2 sizes and both are great options depending on your flow + sizing preference. The Slim Fit cup has a capacity to hold 22 mL. The Full Fit cup has the capacity to hold 30 mL.

Everyone’s anatomy is different––you may find that one works out a bit better for you than the other, but the good news is we offer a Discovery Kit that allows you to give both a try, check it out here.

We truly want you to have the best period of your life. We are all about having as many choices as possible to find the best period product for you and your body!

Both FLEX Disc and FLEX Cup are great choices if you have PCOS. You can’t go wrong with either product. That being said, everyone’s anatomy is different––you may find that one works out a bit better for you than the other, but the good news is we offer a Discovery Kit that allows you to give both a try, check it out here.

We truly want you to have the best period of your life. We are all about having as many choices as possible to find the best period product for you and your body!

Where to buy FLEX

Yes, FLEX Disc and FLEX Cup can be found in thousands of stores across the US including Target, CVS, and HEB with more on the way. Check out store locator to find the nearest FLEX retail store near you!

United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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Try FLEX with some liners at first.

Sometimes you just feel better with a little backup. FLEX plus liners would be a great combination for you while you transition to FLEX to help guard against leaks until you get the hang of positioning FLEX.

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