Limited Warranties

Flex Cup Perfect Fit Guarantee:
How things fit and vibe with you is key—a great pair of jeans, a bold new jumpsuit, and Flex Cup. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee exists to help you have the best possible experience with your cup. Here's how it works: If Flex Cup doesn't feel right, reach out to our Flexperts, who will work with you to find the perfect fit. This could mean trying a different fold, position, or cup size. There is a learning curve and we're here to help you get through it. You got this! Check in with us at to connect with a real human and become a Flex Cup pro. If you’re still not satisfied with your cup after working with our Flexperts for two cycles, we’ll send you a replacement cup in a different size up to six months from date of purchase as long as proof of purchase from or an authorized retailer is provided.

Defects Warranty:
Flex also warrants that its Flex Cup, Flex Disc, Flex Reusable Disc, and Flex Plant+ products will be free from manufacturing defects for six months from the date of purchase by the original, end-user purchaser, as long as proof of purchase from or an authorized retailer is provided. If your product is covered by this limited warranty, you will receive a replacement for your defective product (excluding any shipping charges).

These limited warranties do not cover discoloration from normal use, improper care, modification of the product, customer negligence, or damage due to misuse. These limited warranties are non-transferable. Because Flex cannot control the quality of products sold by unauthorized sellers, these limited warranties apply only to Flex products that were purchased from or through one of our authorized dealers. Our authorized dealers are selected for their ability to properly represent and sell Flex products. Unfortunately, Flex products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized to do so and do not meet our expectations of quality and customer care. Please contact us directly before purchasing if you are unsure if the seller is an authorized dealer of Flex products.

Because the Flex Cup, Flex Disc, Flex Reusable Disc, and Flex Plant+ products are regulated medical devices and there are related health and safety concerns associated with use of these products, we are unable to accept any returns or offer exchanges. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, the express warranties stated above are in lieu of any other warranties, whether express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which are disclaimed.

Unauthorized Dealers:
An additional note about buying our products on Many resellers who sell through Amazon are not authorized dealers of Flex products. These limited warranties do not apply to products sold by unauthorized sellers on Amazon or other elsewhere. When purchasing Flex products on, please pay attention to where the product is being "shipped from and sold by," which is stated clearly in the header for each product. Often, it can appear that products are being sold by Flex when this is not the case.

To submit a warranty claim, please email and submit the following information:

1. Product model #
2. Proof of purchase
3. A picture of your product

Last Revision: October 2022