Menstrual Cups vs Discs See why women are switching from menstrual cups to menstrual discs. Menstrual discs are a new period product designed to address some of the pain points of menstrual cups.
Cup Disc
Can be worn for 12 hours Check Check
Reduces bloating and cramping Check
Can be worn during sex Check
Not linked to TSS Check
Less waste than tampons Check
A comfortable period?

A menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal, which like tampons, can act like a "plug" that worsens cramping and bloating. FLEX, on the other hand, sits at the base of the cervix, which is the widest and least sensitive part of the vagina, making it virtually undetectable to the wearer.

Period Sex? Yes.

Menstrual discs don’t block the vaginal canal, so it is possible to have mess-free sex while wearing it. Menstrual cups sit in the vaginal canal and must be removed before having sex (otherwise you or your partner might be in for a painful surprise!)

Less waste

Menstrual cups produce the least waste, since they are reusable and must be washed and rinsed after each use. Compared to pads and tampons, FLEX is also a more environmentally friendly option since you only use two discs per day (hooray for 12 hour wear!) instead of 3-6 pads or tampons.

Have the most comfortable period of your life. It’s $15 for your first 3 months. Try FLEX Shipping is Free.