Tampons vs Menstrual Discs See why women are switching from tampons to menstrual discs. FLEX is a new period product called a menstrual disc designed to address some of the pain points of tampons.
Tampon Disc
Can be worn for 12 hours X Check
Reduces bloating and cramping X Check
Can be worn during sex X Check
Not linked to TSS X Check
Less waste X Check
12 Hour Wear

Tampons absorb your menses, which is why you can safely wear one for only 3-4 hours before putting yourself at risk of contracting TSS. FLEX, on the other hand, collects instead of absorbs menses giving you 12-hours of worry-free wear. No more worrying about tampon changes during meetings, hikes, yoga, or sleep.


"I am on my 3rd cycle of using flex, it I must say it AMAZING!!! Not only are they super comfortable, they make my period so much easier to manage. I change the disc in the morning, and before bed, and then forget about it!"

Reduces bloating and cramping

Tampons "plug" the vaginal canal causing distention in the vagina which can lead to cramping and general discomfort. That's why FLEX was designed to sit in the vaginal fornix, the widest part of the vagina, and why FLEX relieves cramping for 7 out 10 users.


"MY CRAMPS ARE GONE!!! Yes, you read that correctly: GONE. I'm not kidding when I say that there were several moments this month where I completely FORGOT I was on my period. I have those days of my life back and I am never going back to tampons."

Period Sex? Yes.

Menstrual discs don’t plug the vaginal canal which means you can have mess-free sex while wearing it. Tampons plug the vaginal canal and must be removed before having sex (otherwise you or your partner might be in for a painful surprise!)


"Now I can feel secure knowing that I can horseback ride, snowboard, mountain bike, and have sex without any leakage. Seriously, ladies, I once did an intense training session of jumping with my horse then had some amazing (and not lighthearted in the least) sex on my heaviest flow day and had no leakage."

No more infections

Menstrual discs are made out of a medical-grade polymer designed to be worn inside the body which means that they do not affect the pH of your vagina and do not cause infections like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. They are also hypoallergenic, BPA & phthalate free, made without natural rubber latex or silicone and are the only internally-worn product not linked to TSS.


"I’d suffered from yeast infections every month since I started getting my period. When I was 28…a nurse told me that tampons were disrupting my vaginal pH each month, which was the underlying culprit of my infections. But after switching to FLEX, I haven’t had a single yeast infection."

Less Waste

Because menstrual discs can be worn for up to 12 hours, you can expect up to 60% less waste vs. tampons.

Have the most comfortable period of your life. It’s $15 for your first 3 months. Try FLEX Shipping is Free.