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"I was able to be carefree all day and all night."

Wear up to 12 hours including overnight
One size fits all
Holds up to 5 tampons of fluid
Disposable after each use

"So comfortable I forgot I was on my period."

Helps relieve cramping
Won't cause dryness
Great for swimming & bathing
Fits active lifestyles

FLEX is a disposable, single use device that is hypoallergenic, made without natural latex rubber, and safe to wear during sex.

Dr. Jane van Dis, OB-GYN

Body Safe
Hypoallergenic, made without natural rubber latex, no fragrances, chemicals or dyes
Materials that are safe to wear up to 12 hours
Not linked to TSS, and does not disrupt pH, helping prevent bacterial & yeast infections
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MKD-0004 Rev B

Start by washing your hands, sitting on the toilet and relaxing.

Step One
Pinch FLEX in half
Step Two
Slide FLEX into the vaginal canal pushing back and down (not up like a tampon) toward the cervix
Step Three
Tuck The Edge up behind the pubic bone so it rests slightly diagonally

Removing FLEX is Easy

Start by washing your hands, sitting on the toilet and relaxing.

Step One
Hook your finger around The Edge and pull straight out keeping FLEX horizontal to the floor
Step Two
Place FLEX in the gold wrapper and dispose of in the trash.
"I absolutely love FLEX. I must say that I was a little bit worried to start but it's a life changing experience."
Ana Sep 08, 2016

Our Technology

The Edge
  • Warms up to your body temperature
  • Gets softer inside your body
  • Molds to your unique shape
  • Creates a perfect seal
The Catch
  • Creases trap fluid during removal
  • Won't puncture or leak
  • Comfortable to your partner
  • Safely collects menstrual fluid
Wear up to 12 hours including overnight
One size fits most including moms
Made Without Natural Rubber Latex

How Flex Measures up

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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MLD-0005 Rev A

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