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A more satisfying period.

A more satisfying period.

FLEX is a new product for mess-free period sex.

FLEX is a new product for mess-free period sex.

With FLEX there's no explanations, no interruptions, no clean upjust fun.

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Jill  Austin, 28

Jill Austin, 28

"I have tried the cup, tampons and pads, and everything is just so inconvenient. Then I tried FLEX. It's so easy to use that it disappeared into place and I could not feel it at all. It's really comfortable with the added benefit of ACTUAL mess-free period sex. Can I order a lifetime supply?"
Emma  San Francisco, 31

Emma San Francisco, 31

“My period always comes at the worst time: romantic getaways, Valentine's Day, birthdays, date nights. FLEX is so convenient, I can still be swept up by the mood of these occasions without having to worry about whether I can or cannot have sex. My partner feels no difference and I have never had spotting or leaking.”

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