How Flex stacks up

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"If you want a cup that’s as easy as pulling out a tampon string, Flex Cup." - Cosmopolitan


A helpful guide to Flex Cup insertion, wear & removal.


There are many ways to insert Flex Cup. Wash your hands and Flex Cup thoroughly then choose a folding method.


Get in a comfortable position. Then, push Flex Cup into your vagina and back towards your tailbone.


Hook your finger through the pull-tab to break the seal for a clean and easy removal. Keep it parallel to the floor to avoid spillage.


Empty the contents into the toilet. Wash your hands and Flex Cup throughly before reinserting.

Why should I switch to a menstrual cup?

Because menstrual cups collect menses rather than absorbing it, you could experience less cramping, more freedom, and less fear of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Most menstrual cups keep you covered for up to 12 hours at time equaling less frantic trips to the bathroom, and more time living your life.

Menstrual cups are zero-waste products and last for years. Great for your wallet, even better for the planet.

Velvety-soft feel

Designed with your comfort in mind.

Body-safe materials

Made from 100% medical-grade silicone.

Patented pull-tab

Beginner-friendly. Adjustable in length. Removes like a tampon.

100% reusable

Great for your wallet. Even better for the planet.


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