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After silently suffering from chronic yeast infections for 15 years related to organic tampon use, I felt it was time to change the status-quo--not just for myself, but for menstruators everywhere. I set out to create period products that were truly innovative by solving real period problems, like cramping, bloating, odor and unnecessary waste.

In 2014, I began researching product alternatives and hosting focus group dinners to discuss periods and period products with consumers. Weekly dinner conversations turned into a movement that we call the Uterati, a community invested in improving the future of period products.

In 2016, I launched The Flex Co. after discovering the menstrual disc technology and innovating to improve its materials, comfort, and efficacy. Flex was created to give those who menstruate products that prioritize comfort, support an active lifestyle and are better for the environment.

Flex aims to transform the lives of people with periods and offer period freedom™.

Lauren Schulte Wang

Flex Founder & CEO


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From coining the term 'menstrual disc' to pioneering the destigmatization of periods with red (not blue) liquid in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads to our continuous innovation and creation of award-winning period products... Discover what we've been up to.


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