• Lauren Schulte Wang creates The Flex Co.™


  • Lauren joins Y Combinator, the prestigious start-up accelerator for the most promising new companies.
  • The Flex Co. brand is established.
  • The Flex Co. acquires Softcup & immediately ramps up production to save the disc from being discontinued.
  • Lauren coins the term "menstrual disc" to help describe the different shape and benefits of the product vs. the menstrual cup.
  • The Flex Co. receives top tier media coverage for Flex Disc™ thanks to its innovative design that allows for period sex without the stained sheets.
  • Flex Disc™ ships to customers for the first time.


  • Flex launches The Fornix magazine to educate and create discourse around menstruation, reproductive health, and sexual wellness.
  • Uterati community is founded on Facebook. Members are closely involved in Flex’s customer-led product innovation strategy.
  • Softdisc is available on Amazon US & Amazon Canada.


  • The Flex Co. acquires Keela and launches Flex Cup™ alongside its co-founders Jane Adamé & Andy Miller.
  • Flex launches its first Youtube commercial that goes viral.
  • Softcup is rebranded to Softdisc and is now sold at all Target stores in the US.
  • Flex becomes the first digitally- native period care brand to go omnichannel, forging the way for new startups to enter the category.


  • Flex Disc™, Flex Cup™, Softdisc®, & Softcup® are patented in the U.S. & abroad.
  • Flex Cup™ and Flex Disc™ are now sold at select Target stores.
  • CVS Health becomes a national retail partner of The Flex Co.


  • The Flex Co. sells in 25,000 locations across the U.S., expanding into grocery and local retailers.
  • The Flex Co. surpasses 20-yr industry leader DivaCup as the #1 sustainable period care brand.