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10 tips & tricks for your first time using FLEX

Using FLEX is easy. But just like using a tampon, doing a proper squat, or baking a turkey for the first time, it takes a little practice. Regardless if you’re the type of woman that gets it on the first try, or the fourth, we have some tips to give you the confidence to try it again.

1: Always wash your hands. And take a deep breath - you've got this.

2: Try it on a lighter day. Take some pressure off yourself by first trying FLEX on a day where your flow is light or when you aren’t on your period at all. And don’t worry about dryness -  FLEX is still safe and comfortable to insert even if you aren’t on your period. You’ll get the hang of how it feels to insert it so you’re confident on heavier days.

3: Try it out in a private space. Like an afternoon where you’re home for a few hours or overnight. In other words, not when you’re at Coachella, on a 6 hour car ride, or playing tennis in an all white uniform. That way, if you sense a leak, you can quickly adjust or change FLEX out if you need to without the stress of being in public.

4: Wear a panty liner as a backup. You shouldn’t need any backup once you get it right, but if you want to try it while you’re out and about, it can’t hurt to have a contingency plan. Again, it’s all about peace of mind your first time or two.

5: Push back and down toward your tailbone to insert it. It will slide in easily, but make sure you are pushing back and down - this is key to getting the angle right so that it completely covers the cervix rather than pushing straight into it. Push the front edge as far back behind the pubic bone as it can go.

6: Make sure you can’t feel it. If you can feel it inside you, that’s a great indicator that it’s not in all the way and you may want to take a second go at inserting it.

7: Don’t hesitate to take it out and re-insert it. If it doesn’t feel right or feels like it’s leaking, you can try readjusting FLEX while it’s inside you by pushing it farther down and back, or take it out, dump the excess fluid, and start over. If reinserting, make sure your hands are clean and remember FLEX should be disposed of after it’s been in use for 12 hours.

8: Seeing blood in the toilet after you pee (or poop) is normal. Pushing down on your pelvic muscles will cause FLEX’s front edge to come out from behind your pubic bone letting some fluid out with it. Just make sure the front edge of FLEX is pushed back in place and you’re good to go.

9: If you’re having trouble reaching it to remove, bear down on your pelvic muscles. Pretend like you’re taking a poop - it will make the front edge of FLEX pop out from behind the pubic bone and move into the vaginal opening making it far easier to grab and remove.

10: Wait to remove it after sex. Vaginas are incredibly elastic and can grow up to 200% when having sex. As you can imagine, this might make your FLEX hard to grab. Wait 15 or more minutes for your vagina to come back down to size for an easier time removing it.

Last and most importantly: call or live chat us! We’re available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT to talk you through inserting FLEX, removing FLEX, or just making sure you get your next order on time. 


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