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From features and insertion to
mid-wear tips and removal, find
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Period freedom is here. Flex period discs are body-safe, easy to use, and provide unreal comfort for up to 12 hours at a time.

Learn how menstrual discs work

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Meet our discs

A menstrual disc is a comfortable, sustainable alternative to tampons and pads that sits in a different part of the vagina: the vaginal fornix. It’s the widest part of the vaginal canal, all the way at the back and just beneath the cervix.

Flex Disc, Flex Reusable Disc, and Flex Plant+ Disc all work the same way: They’re held in place by your pubic bone, leaving your vaginal canal totally unobstructed. This means you can enjoy all the period sex—without stained sheets—your heart desires. 😉

The main difference? Flex Reusable Disc is made with 100% reusable medical-grade silicone, whereas Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc are made with medical-grade polymers and are single-use only.

Meet our discs

Insertion, mid-wear, and removal



First, wash your hands. Pinch the disc in half (it may look big, but once pinched it’s the same width as a tampon).

If you’re using Flex Reusable Disc, wash your disc before inserting. Make sure you’re pinching it around the insertion notch, so that the notch creates a narrow point at one end. There is no notch on Flex Disc or Flex Plant+ Disc.



Take a breath and relax! Get into a comfortable position—you can try sitting on the toilet, squatting with your legs spread, or standing with one leg up.


Insert the pinched disc into the vagina, angling it down and back towards your tailbone. Use your thumb or forefinger to push it as far back as it will comfortably go. Then, tuck the front rim of the disc up behind your pubic bone.

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All-day wear means you can do whatever you want—even sleep in. Wear Flex Disc, Plant+ Disc, or Reusable Disc for up to 12 hours at a time.



If your menstrual disc “leaks” when you go to the bathroom, that’s okay! It’s one of our favorite features of the disc—also known as hands-free emptying.

When you bear down on your pelvic floor to use the bathroom, the front rim of the disc will get pushed slightly out of place, breaking the seal. This will allow some blood out into the toilet.

Once done, stand up and use a clean finger (or the thumb trick) to push the disc back up behind your pubic bone again. This will secure the disc back into place before leaving the bathroom.



First, wash your hands. Take a deep breath (it’ll help your pelvic floor muscles relax). Then, take a seat, squat, or stand with a leg up.

Slide your finger into your vagina until you feel the front edge of the disc. Hook your finger under the rim and slowly pull the disc out, keeping it parallel to the floor as you remove it.

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Flexpert Pro Tip: Removing the disc in the shower is a game-changer. It’s super easy and washes any messiness away (along with your worries).



Empty the contents of the disc into the toilet. Place your used disc back in its wrapper, if you’ve held onto it, use a Flex Eco Disposal Pouch, or just wrap it in some TP. Then, simply toss it in the trash. Ta-da! You’re done.


Empty the contents into the toilet (or rinse in the shower) and wash Flex Reusable Disc. First, rinse with cold water to prevent trapping odor. Then, massage with a mild soap or cleanser like Flex Foaming Cup Wash. Rinse again, this time with warm water. Reinsert or store your Reusable Disc in its pouch until next time.

Instructions for Use:

Flex Disc Flex Reusable Disc Flex Plant+ Disc

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Menstrual disc pro-tips

The thumb trick

Once you've inserted your disc into the vaginal canal and you can no longer keep it pinched, place your thumb on the rim and push it back and down until it's just behind the pubic bone. You can then use your index finger to prop the rim up behind the pubic bone to keep the disc in place.

Bear down for easier removal

To pop the rim of your period disc out from behind your pubic bone, it can be helpful to engage your pelvic floor muscles. To do so, just bear down as if you were trying to poop. You don’t have to push crazy hard, just a little bit—and try to do so while you have a finger inserted so you can get ready to hook your disc and pull it out.

Explore different positions

Because every body is different, it's important to find the position that feels best for you when inserting your disc. Some options include: sitting on the toilet, standing with a leg propped up, squatting toward the floor, laying on your side, or even getting into tabletop pose.

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How do I know if my disc is inserted correctly?

You’ll know your disc is inserted correctly when you don’t feel it internally. In other words, if you can go about your day without feeling your disc, you’re good to go! However, if it’s uncomfortable or if you’re experiencing lots of leakage, it might not be inserted far enough back. It’s also possible that the front rim might not be tucked behind your pubic bone. Use a clean finger to try to push it further down and back (angled towards the floor).

Can I reuse Flex Disc or Flex Plant+ Disc?

Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc are not reusable. Both are disposable, single-use menstrual products that have been tested and approved for up to 12 hours of wear. After 12 hours, you must remove Flex Disc or Plant+ Disc and throw it away. Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc cannot be washed and reinserted. If you are looking for a reusable period product, check out Flex Reusable Disc or Flex Cup!

Can I really use a menstrual disc during sex?

Yep! Because all menstrual discs sit in the vaginal fornix, they leave the vaginal canal unobstructed—which means sex is on the table all month long. As long as your disc is inserted properly, neither you nor your partner should be able to feel it. However, if your partner (or toy!) is particularly large, there may be some contact with the disc. This shouldn't cause any discomfort and the disc should stay in place.

What’s the difference between a menstrual disc and a menstrual cup?

A menstrual disc sits in the vaginal fornix, whereas a menstrual cup sits lower down in the vaginal canal. Both are internally-worn period products that collect your flow rather than absorbing it. A menstrual cup is held in place with suction. A menstrual disc, on the other hand, is propped up by your pubic bone. Finally, menstrual discs are either disposable (like Flex Disc or Flex Plant+ Disc) or reusable (like Flex Reusable Disc). Menstrual cups (like Flex Cup) are all reusable and made with silicone.

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