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FLEX is a body-safe tampon alternative that gets delivered to your doorstep.
Here’s how it works.


The best period product is one you don't think about.

Designed to comfortably catch menstrual fluid giving you 12 hours of worry-free protection.

Learn from the ultimate flexperts, our founders.

Here is where it sits in the body.

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FLEX sits in the Fornix

The vaginal fornix is the “cul-de-sac” where your cervix and your vaginal canal meet. This space is the widest part of the vagina, and FLEX is made to fit perfectly there.

How do tampons work?

Tampons are a cotton plug that absorb menstrual fluid in the lowest part of the vaginal canal. The removal string hangs outside of the vagina. The vaginal walls must expand to fit the size of a tampon which can cause discomfort in some users.

How do menstrual cups work?

A menstrual cup collects fluid in the lowest part of the vaginal canal. Once inserted, the cup “pops” open to form a suction within the vagina. The vaginal walls must expand to fit the shape of the cup which can cause discomfort in some users.


FLEX may look big but it’s actually smaller than a tampon when you insert it. Start by washing your hands and pinching it in half.


Slide into the vaginal canal pushing back and down toward the cervix as far as it will comfortably go (typically the length of your index finger).

Use your finger to tuck the front edge up behind your pubic bone, so it rests slightly diagonally.

Pro tip: How do I know it’s in?

You shouldn’t feel it at all. We know that sounds counterintuitive, but if you can feel it, it’s hanging into your vaginal canal which you don’t want. Don’t rush, take your time -- it’s like learning to use contact lenses.


The best thing about FLEX is that you can wear it comfortably for 12 hours so you can live your best life, even on your period.

Swim, workout, have sex, go to the bathroom, sleep, all without having to worry about changes.

Pro tip: How to avoid leaking

Once you place FLEX correctly it shouldn’t leak as much as tampons. If it’s leaking when you go to the bathroom, that’s normal. Stand up and it will go back in place. If it’s a heavy day and it’s leaking before the 12 hour mark, bear down while using the bathroom to empty it, then retuck behind the pubic bone and you should be good to go. And if it’s your first time, we recommend using pads or liners like training wheels. Once you get it figured out, it’s like riding a bike.


Wash your hands and sit on the toilet. Hook your finger under the front edge pulling straight out keeping FLEX parallel to the floor.

Place FLEX back in the wrapper and dispose of in the trash.

Pro tip: Avoiding messy removal

Our most common question is “Is this going to be a murder scene when I remove it?” The short answer, maybe. Removal on a heavy day can be messier than removal on a light day. With practice you should be able to remove FLEX over the toilet without a mess. On heavy days we recommend simply taking it out in the shower. The beauty of 12 hour wear is that you can time removal with your shower.

Meet your Flexperts

Ask us anything, nothing is TMI!

Ask us anything, nothing is TMI!

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