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How FLEX Works

How to Insert FLEX

Step 1
Wash your hands. Sit on the toilet and relax. Pinch FLEX in half.
Step 2
Slide FLEX into the vaginal canal pushing back and down (not up like a tampon) toward the cervix
Step 3
Tuck The Edge up behind the pubic bone so it rests slightly diagonally

How to Remove FLEX

Step 1
Hook your finger around The Edge and pull straight out keeping FLEX horizontal to the floor
Step 2
Dispose of FLEX in wrapper.

Nothing to get in theway of sex

Because of where FLEX sits in the body,you can have mess-free period sex that’scomfortable for both you and your partner.

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Stays in place andcomes out easily

Your natural anatomy does not allow FLEX to get stuck.FLEX stays securely in place when inserted properly.Removing it is as easy as pulling it out with a clean finger.

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Our Technology

The Edge
  • Warms up to your body temperature
  • Gets softer inside your body
  • Molds to your unique shape
  • Creates a perfect seal
The Catch
  • Creases trap fluid during removal
  • Won't puncture or leak
  • Comfortable to your partner
  • Safely collects menstrual fluid

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How FLEX measures up

MKD-0009 Rev C

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