No strings. No Worries.

Nothing kills the mood like removing a tampon before sex. Upgrade to 12-hour wear, ultimate comfort, and a string-free period with Flex discs.

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Body-safe & hypoallergenic  ✨
Easy for beginners  ✨
12-hour comfort  ✨
Great for light & heavy flows  ✨
Gynecologist-recommended  ✨

Comfortable, body-safe options for every body

If the mood strikes, our discs can literally be your friend with benefits—see for yourself. Plus, they’re good for the environment too.

Flex Disc creates 60% less waste than traditional products, Flex Plant+ Disc is the world’s first plant-based disc, and Flex Reusable Disc lasts for years (cha-ching).

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Stronger orgasms, say what?

We’re not joking. When worn during sex, Flex Disc could help you have the best O of your life. The disc’s catch provides gentle stimulation to the cervix—a recently-discovered erogenous zone—and can help some people experience mind-blowing cervical orgasms.


Endless comfort. What's not to love?

Meet the most comfortable, award-winning, zero-waste disc: Flex Reusable Disc. From the patented notch for easy insertion to the firm rim and ultra-soft thin catch for easy removal, Flex Reusable Disc provides the easiest all-day comfort and leak protection you’re looking for.   

P.S. 94% of surveyed OB/GYNs recommend Flex Reusable Disc.  


Nervous to try a disc? Don’t stress

When pinched, Flex Discs are about the size of a tampon and they’re designed to reduce cramps. Over 64% of Flex Disc surveyed users reported fewer cramps compared to their previous period product.

Bonus: Our best-selling Flex Disc and plant-based Plant+ Disc produce 60-71% less waste than traditional period products.


Comfort when you need it most

Upgrade your self-care routine with naturally derived supplements to help comfort your entire cycle (not just on your period). Total cycle support is here!