"Don't blame your body. My body wasn’t to blame. My products were. I started Flex so that anyone can have the most comfortable period of their lives."

- Lauren Schulte Wang, Flex Founder & CEO

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Over 38,000 5-star reviews

Game Changer

I absolutely love these! I have less if any cramping. My periods have been shorter...Also like others have said as well you can’t feel it at all...


Flex Reusable Disc

What Cramps?

I’ve never had a cramp free period, until now! My flex disc is amazing and makes my period less of a pain. Mess free period sex is 💯 big FACTS.

Sheena P.

Flex Disc

Awesome product with intelligent features

I’ve used a cup before I got Flex Cup, but I have to say, this one is far superior...The pull tab is also a game changer!! No more digging around in there to get the cup out 😂...


Flex Cup

Ditched the Tampons

I ditched tampons for good and solely use flex disc. Not only are they more convenient and comfortable, they have reduced my cramps immensely.


Flex Reusable Disc

Why didn't I try this a long time ago!?

Efficient. Odorless. Low maintenance. Earth friendly. It works for me to use 2 discs per day even during my heaviest flow (compared to a big ol’ handful of tampons)...

Katie R

Flex Plant+ Disc

Changed my life and my friend’s too

First cup I tried and it changed my life...The pull tab is awesome since I’ve heard on of the hardest parts about switching to a cup is releasing the suction but the pull tab makes that easy.


Flex Cup

Environmentally Friendly

I love how this product is environmentally friendly, works just as great as the flex disc, and is just as comfortable


Flex Plant+ Disc


I love using Flex Disc. They are comfortable and I don’t have to change them as often as a tampon. These are so easy to deal with and I don’t feel any pressure.


Flex Disc

The Pull Tab is a game changer

I had a bad experience with a different cup- long story short I couldn’t get it out on my own and was too scared to try again. The pull tab on the flex cup makes it so much easier and less stressful!


Flex Cup

Never going back

Been using this for a little over a year. Will never use tampons again. Easy to use. It is comfortable - I forget im even wearing it. No leakage. And mess free period sex. 10/10.

Lexi N

Disc User