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How FLEX Works

How to Insert FLEX

Step 1
Wash your hands. Sit on the toilet and relax. Pinch FLEX in half.
Step 2
Slide FLEX into the vaginal canal pushing back and down (not up like a tampon) toward the cervix
Step 3
Tuck The Edge up behind the pubic bone so it rests slightly diagonally

How to Remove FLEX

Step 1
Hook your finger around The Edge and pull straight out keeping FLEX horizontal to the floor
Step 2
Dispose of FLEX in wrapper.

Our Technology

The Edge
  • Warms up to your body temperature
  • Gets softer inside your body
  • Molds to your unique shape
  • Creates a perfect seal
The Catch
  • Creases trap fluid during removal
  • Won't puncture or leak
  • Comfortable to your partner
  • Safely collects menstrual fluid

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How FLEX measures up

MKD-0009 Rev C
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