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Can I use Flex products with a high or low cervix?

Vaginas are like snowflakes: No two are exactly alike, and that includes the height of your cervix (AKA the “length” of your vaginal canal).  

The height of your cervix is just one factor among many that can dictate whether or not a particular period product will work for you. Other factors to keep in mind include the angle of your cervix, the diameter of your vaginal fornix, and the length and position of your pubic bone in relation to your internal anatomy. 

Flex products are designed to fit most bodies, but we recognize that there’s no such thing as one size fits all. If you already know you have a high or low cervix and are wondering how that will impact your experience with a Flex menstrual disc or cup, here’s some helpful information: 

P.S. Want to learn how to find, feel, and measure your cervix? Read all about it on the blog!

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High cervix: 

The number one period product challenge for people with a high cervix is usually related to removal. Because your cervix is farther up in your body, reaching the rim of your menstrual disc or the base of your menstrual cup may be more difficult (this also depends on the length of your fingers). But rest assured that you can still use both products with success! 

If you’re using Flex Disc, Flex Plant+ Disc, or Flex Reusable Disc, all you need to do is practice using your pelvic floor muscles to shift your disc further down your vaginal canal. Once you pop the front rim out from behind your pubic bone, it should be easy to hook with your finger and pull out. To engage your pelvic floor, gently bear down as if you were trying to poop, or simply think about shifting your vaginal muscles forward (like ejecting a DVD).  

If you’re using Flex Cup, removal should be easy thanks to the patented pull-tab, which breaks the cup’s seal for you. This means you don’t need to go fishing around with two fingers to pinch the base of your cup—just reach for the pull tab, loop a finger through the ring, and pull down slowly but firmly. Plus, the pull-tab is adjustable in length, so you can customize its position however works best for your body. 

Those with a high cervix should remember to insert their cup lower down in the vaginal canal so that the pull-tab either hangs externally or remains easy to reach once the cup has opened up completely. 

Low cervix: 

Most individuals with a low cervix should have no problem using a menstrual cup or disc once they find the right insertion angle/position for their product in relation to their anatomy. 

With a menstrual disc like Flex Disc, those with a low cervix might notice that insertion is pretty easy since you don’t need to reach as far back. Just remember to angle your disc down and back, towards your tailbone, as far as it will go—and then tuck the front rim up behind your pubic bone. Use your middle finger or forefinger to tuck (or pull) the front rim straight up towards your belly button until it feels secure. 

What about Flex Cup? Those with a low cervix should be careful not to insert the cup too far up the vaginal canal, as you don’t want it to completely surround or suction to the cervix. We recommend starting with a smaller cup size. 

We want you to have the best period of your life, which is why Flex Cup comes with our Perfect Fit Guarantee. As always, contact us if you’re having trouble! Call/text 800-931-0882, email hello@flexfits.com, or submit an online request here

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