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Which Flex Cup size is right for me?

Choosing the right menstrual size for your body may take some trial and error—but that’s why Flex Cup comes with our Perfect Fit Guarantee

If you’re a first-time cup user, we recommend starting with the Flex Cup Size 01 (formerly Slim Fit). If you’re a seasoned period cup pro, or if you’ve given birth vaginally 2+ times, we recommend Flex Cup Size 02 (formerly Full Fit). For most people, either size will work. It really comes down to choosing the best fit for your comfort and capacity needs. 

Here’s a breakdown of each cup’s dimensions:

faq infographic

Not sure which size to pick? Reach out to our Flexperts at 800-931-0882 or email hello@flexfits.com—we’re happy to help! 

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