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What is the Flex Cup pull-tab?

Flex Cup is the only menstrual cup in the world designed to be as easy to remove as a tampon, thanks to its patented pull-tab. No more struggling to pinch the base of your menstrual cup to break the seal during removal: Flex Cup’s pull-tab does it for you. Just loop a finger through the ring and pull down slowly but firmly. 

The pull-tab is attached to the inner rim of the cup, up at the top. It passes through a hole at the base of the cup. When you pull down on the pull-tab, it helps you break the seal by folding the rim of the cup inwards on itself, collapsing it down and creating a smaller diameter so you can easily pull your cup out. 

Plus, the pull-tab stem is adjustable, so it can be easily accessed no matter where your cup is placed. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Flexperts: Call or text us at 800-931-0882, chat with us online, or email us at hello@flexfits.com.

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