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Why does my menstrual disc leak when I use the bathroom?

First off, don’t stress! Seeing a little blood in the toilet or on your TP when wearing a menstrual disc is a-okay. What’s happening is that your disc is sliding down a little bit in your vaginal canal when you engage your pelvic floor to pee or poop. Your disc’s front edge may have made its way just beyond your pubic bone—and this lets a little fluid out.

Believe it or not, this is a feature we really love about using a menstrual disc! The technique is called hands-free emptying; read more about it here and on the blog

Basically, you can purposefully engage those pelvic floor muscles to partially empty your disc into the toilet when using the bathroom. This will help you maximize your wear time to the full 12 hours (even on your heaviest days) without needing to remove or change your disc. 

Just remember to either use a clean finger or do a kegel to pull your disc back up into place—in its tucked position behind the pubic bone—when you’re done.

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