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Can I really use a menstrual disc during sex?

We get it—it’s hard to imagine. How can you wear a menstrual disc and have sex at the same time?! But you totally can, and it’s one of our favorite benefits of using a disc. Here's some more detail: 

The vagina expands and elongates during arousal and intercourse. This allows a menstrual disc to be worn during sexual activities without it getting in the way or coming out. It already sits at the back of the vaginal canal, in the fornix, and it should move well out of the way when you’re turned on and once penetration takes place. 

In other words, a menstrual disc should be comfortable for both you and your partner during period sex—and that includes sex of all kinds (from penetrative to oral). There is a chance that one of you may notice the rim, but there shouldn’t be any pain or irritation. How much you or your partner may feel the disc depends on your position, your anatomy, and your partner’s anatomy. 

Warning: You may have stronger orgasms while wearing a disc! This is because it gently rubs on the cervix during intercourse for additional stimulation. 😉

FYI: Only menstrual discs (Flex Disc, Flex Plant+ Disc, or Flex Reusable Disc) can be worn during penetrative sex. If you’re using a menstrual cup like Flex Cup, you’ll need to remove it beforehand. 

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