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Why is my menstrual cup leaking?

The two main causes of leaking with Flex Cup are placement issues and not properly positioning the cup’s pull-tab. The pull-tab should be pulled through the bottom of your cup as shown below:

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If you'd like to extend the stem so that it is a bit longer for easier access during removal, you can do that, too!

To ensure the cup is inserted properly:

  • Check that the cup has opened fully. You can do this by running a finger along the bottom of the cup. 

  • If you feel any pleats or indentations, that means it's not opened fully, and that gap will cause a leakage issue.

  • Try pressing gently against your vaginal walls to create space for the cup to open up. You can also try rotating the cup slowly.  

Another important step in combating leakage is figuring out the right fold for your body. Check out this article for tips and tricks for folding your Flex Cup.

You can find more information about how Flex Cup works here.

If you're still having issues with leakage and you've tried these tips, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Flexperts by calling us at (800) 931 0882 or sending us a message at hello@flexfits.com

We're here to help!

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