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Will a menstrual cup or disc stretch out my vagina?

Nope! This is a bit of a menstrual myth. The vagina is a fascinating, magical muscle that easily stretches and returns to its natural shape—it's built to allow a baby through, after all! A menstrual disc or cup is much smaller than that and will not alter the vagina's elasticity or stretch it out over time.

In addition, Flex menstrual discs sit in the widest part of the vaginal canal, all the way at the back near your cervix—a space called the vaginal fornix. During insertion, you'll pinch the disc in half. It's super flexible and pinches to about the same size as a tampon. It'll only expand once it's well into the vaginal canal, conforming comfortably to the shape of your vaginal fornix. 

We hope this info helps! Any other questions? Email us at hello@flexfits.com or call/text 800-931-0882.

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